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What is Spiritual Direction?

It's all about soul care!

Walking with you into the wide open spaces of Grace!

Spiritual direction is a form of soul care in which guidance and contemplative space are facilitated for those seeking life direction and a deeper sense of God’s presence. Listening is an essential theme and sessions are facilitated by an experienced mentor.

Meetings are a nurturing space focused on helping individuals to examine their relationship with God and to grow in awareness of God’s leading and presence. Together, the director and directee meet in the presence of God to prayerfully consider this relationship and become attuned to God’s voice. These sessions can happen as frequently or infrequently as desired -- weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or semi-annually -- and are set as requested by the directee.

A place to listen

A place to meet God: Spiritual direction sessions are a contemplative space - unhurried, unrushed, and without a specific agenda. The purpose is to reflect, to listen to God, and to become aware of how God’s Spirit is interacting with the rugged terrain of our daily lives. The spiritual director’s goal is to facilitate this process and, foundationally, to listen. In our busy world, it is increasingly difficult not only to be truly heard, but also to make time to listen ourselves.

Many individuals seek out spiritual direction with the desire to hear God speak into the broken and even traumatized places of their lives. Read More

What is The History of Spiritual Direction?

Practicing an ancient Art! Spiritual direction practices have been around since ancient times. In the early days of the Church, letters of spiritual guidance and direction were sent to Christians and Christian communities to nurture and grow their faith. These letters were responsive, involved and based on the real-life, daily struggles and triumphs experienced by these growing communities. Spiritual direction practices continued through the centuries.

Monasteries provided wisdom and teaching to surrounding communities and individuals, the protestant reformation brought about spiritual writings from gifted teachers like Martin Luther, and mystics such as Thomas Merton wrote, counselled, and mentored. Much of our current spiritual direction is conveyed through mediums such as preaching, pastoral counselling and Christian writing. More and more, however, there is a movement towards individualized or small-group spiritual direction, with the responsive and intimate advantages this personalization offers.

We were never meant to walk alone!

Why Seek Spiritual Direction? 

Human beings are made with an innate desire for relationship. We have a strong need to do life together, and we naturally seek out accompaniment on our faith journey. Unfortunately, we often feel alone in our faith. Perhaps our communities and social circles don’t share our faith, or maybe those Christians that we do know are reticent when it comes to discussing God’s work in their lives. Spiritual direction provides a nourishing connection to another believer, one who will work with you to guide you in your faith and help you to listen to that still, small voice of God in your life.

We naturally seek out spiritual direction in times of crisis, grief, trauma, or change. Life is full of unpredictable and often heartbreaking circumstances, and it is in these moments that we feel a deep need for guidance, clarity, and connection to God and other believers. Perhaps your marriage is falling apart, or your teenaged son or daughter is headed down a dark path. Maybe you are contemplating a major career change or are considering entering into a new relationship. In the face of uncertainty, doubt, grief and confusion, spiritual direction can be a life-giving source of soul care and guidance.

Help in heartbreak

There's no set schedule: Some individuals will incorporate spiritual direction into their lives for just a season; others will seek it out on an ongoing basis. It is likely that, depending on your circumstances, the intensity and frequency will change over time.

Your spiritual director will be happy to accommodate your needs and will support you as your requirements vary with time.

What Is The Purpose of Spiritual Direction?

The goal of spiritual direction is spiritual growth - connecting personally with God. We move from talking about God, teaching about God, and reading about God on a general level to reflecting on our actual, personal experience with Him. This personalization increases our awareness of God and facilitates spiritual growth as we connect with God and increase in our awareness of His presence.

How Is Spiritual Direction Different From
Teaching, Preaching, and Counselling?

Spiritual Direction Is Not Teaching

While teaching is a wonderful practice, it does not have a major role in one-on-one spiritual direction. No efforts are made to educate, enlighten or exhort individuals. Spiritual direction does not include any overt teaching - instead, the focus is directly on God and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Sessions are centred on listening. They are not theology lessons, nor are they attempts to educate or enlighten.

Spiritual Direction Is Not Preaching

The goal of preaching is to examine God’s word for the purpose of instructing, exhorting and challenging one another on our faith journey. The role of preaching is immense and valuable, but it does not comprise a part of the discipline of spiritual direction. Spiritual directors accompany individuals as they seek to hear directly from God and they offer ideas, but they do not give advice or attempt to lead, challenge, or advise.

Spiritual Direction Is Not Counselling

Spiritual direction and counselling have many similarities, but they deviate in certain areas. While counselling focuses on specific issues and problems, spiritual direction instead focuses on the Holy Spirit’s leading and the individual’s experience of God. Discussing one’s life and specific problems and issues will most certainly be a part of the spiritual direction process, but the focus will remain on one’s experience of God throughout these problems rather than the overt working out of the problem itself.

How Do I Choose A Spiritual Director?

Space for your heart ot be heard

It’s important to find a spiritual director with whom you feel comfortable and secure. This process can take time, but it is well worth the investment. Your spiritual director does not need to be of the same age, gender, or church tradition; they merely need to be someone you feel comfortable with and who is qualified to facilitate. Find someone with whom you are comfortable sharing silence, emotion, and uncertainty.

Most importantly, find someone who is a great listener, who makes space to hear your heart, and who helps you feel comfortable and secure. Read More

Our experienced spiritual directors are also professionally trained and licensed counsellors. We have worked with many individuals, and are empathetic, professional, and passionate about helping you to hear the still, small voice of God in your life. If you are seeking spiritual direction, we would love to meet with you and to accompany you on your faith journey. There is no need to go it alone!

We understand that many individuals have gone through traumatic events, loss, uncertainty, or abandonment that have shattered their identity and, in many cases, their faith. To make matters worse, their questions, doubts and fears are often either unaddressed or unheard. Others can be quick to teach, preach, or counsel without ever actually listening. Our spiritual direction sessions, by contrast, are listening-focused and Spirit-focused. We are not here to give you a theology lesson or to tell you what you should be thinking or feeling -- we are here to listen to you, and to help you listen to the voice of God in your life.

Reach out today!

Book a session today and let us support and join you as you move closer to God and seek to discern his voice in your life. There is no obligation to continue booking sessions - the timeline is set by you to suit your needs and comfort level. Enter into an ancient discipline of soul care and experience the empathy and listening ear of a mentor on your faith journey. We’re here to support you.

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