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We believe deeply in the power of restoration. This belief sets the stage for everything that we practice in our sessions, and it informs and undergirds our approach to each individual who walks through our door. We know that life has many surprising, heartbreaking, unforeseeable twists and turns, and that these can be devastating as they wreak havoc on a life.

When faced with trauma, grief, PTSD, divorce, wayward children, or loss of jobs and dreams, we can become deeply lost. With this pain comes the tendency to spiral into addiction, isolation, despair, and depression. As trained counsellors, we are able to sift through these issues and gently come alongside you to access the root of pain, uncertainty, or trauma that lies underneath.

And as Spiritual Directors who believe firmly in restoration, we know that hope is a guarantee and that grace is always running towards us with open arms.

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Why we are here: Our goal is to lead you to the still, small voice of God that is speaking into your life. Time and time again, we have seen the life-changing power of this Voice in the lives of our clients, coworkers, and friends.
We see the discipline of Spiritual Direction as an essential form of soul-care; one of the most nourishing and life-giving gifts that you can offer yourself.

We are passionate about coming alongside individuals and helping them connect to God’s voice. As trained counsellors, we have many helpful techniques and skills to bring to the table, such as mindfulness, cognitive therapy, EMT (emotion-focused therapy), IFS (Internal Family Systems Trauma Therapy) as well as various other psychotherapy and communication skills. We weave these seamlessly into our sessions as appropriate, in order to create a rich and reflective foundation as we listen to God’s leading.

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What we offer: We have seen countless lives changed by the power and love of Christ. We believe that learning to experience God in the rugged reality of daily life is the best foundation on which to build a life and an identity. If or if you are lost, alone, doubting your faith and future, dealing with trauma, PTSD, grief or loss; if you are wanting to grow your faith, or are merely curious about Spiritual Direction, please give us a call today. We would love to meet with you and guide you in listening to God’s voice and leading.

Our team of compassionate, experienced Spiritual Directors are also professionally-trained Registered Counsellors and Psychologists. We have over 20 years of experience in both counselling and spiritual direction, and our approach is informed by our clinical and therapeutic skills as well as the richness of our New Covenant Christian faith.

We are supported by a team of dedicated associates who can assist in a wide variety of areas including:

Registered Christian

Roslyn Henze

Grace, Freedom & Restoring power.
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Gerard Alberts

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Roche Herbst

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Trouble dealing with conflict in your relationship? Relationship Counselling Calgary can help you.

Registered Psychologist

Natalie Imbach

Find help and healing in Calgary addiction, grief, trauma, and/or mental health in adolescents, couples, and families.

Registered Psychologist

Maureen Theberge

Don't wait any longer, find help and healing for grief, loss or other life transitions right here in Calgary!

Registered Psychologist

Cal H. Henze

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Future Menber

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Our experienced team of Registered Christian Counsellors, Registered Psychologists and other professionals are excited to offer our Spiritual Direction services in the Calgary area.